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      Report Summary - Season's last Meeting

April 11, 2018 we had about 125 folks who were still here in The Villages attend our closing meeting of the 2017-2018 season. We were entertained by Doug Souza, a Villages resident magician who wowed us with his bag of tricks and illusions and The Palm Trio featuring our own Jill Marrese on vocals that were fantastic - enough so that we have hired them for our Valentines Party next year.

We once again this year surpassed the 500 mark in membership and one of the reasons this club works is the due to the great volunteers we have – we had this year over 40 different individuals volunteer to help us with registration, 50/50 draw, Christmas Party and dinner, golf outings, our annual golf tournament, and Bunco tournament and we would like recognize some of them.


Laura and Ray Bowen – these 2 keep all of our assets at their house, bring them to every meeting, set up the coffee and then head up our clean up effort after the meeting and in addition organize and run our night golf outing every year.


Wendy and Maurice Poirier – this couple has acted as the conscience of our club for a few years now and organizes and supports our monthly collection of food and used clothing for the charities we support, takes care of the decorations for our Christmas and Valentines Parties – this year being helped by Bernice and Mark Zahringer and in addition Moe’s alter ego – Alley Oop comes by and helps with our social efforts at those parties.


Paul and Judy Rivenbark – have been with us pretty well since the first year which was 7 years ago – Judy working the registration desk and Paul selling 50/50 tickets


Heather and Herman Janssen – have taken over the Christmas Party meal and have organized this the past 4 years even cooking stuffing one year – they also have run the annual Bunko tournament since it is inception 6 years ago and this year provided every one of our golf tournament participants with a Canada hat.


Kathryn St. John – who this year organized and coordinated our ladies lunch group who met bi- weekly for lunch at Demshars and with Sally is putting together a book club for us next year.


Bonnie and Rudy – another couple that have pretty well from day 1 volunteered to do anything we need – working the registration desk, clean up and taking care of our cake needs for our annual Christmas Party.


Dorothy and Jim McCann – our Scottish mates who also help out any way they can


Jacquie and Charles Ruigrock – our friends from Calgary – again doing anything we ask and this year taking over and absolutely killing the task of running our 8th consecutive sold out golf tournament. Also their golf committee – Paula Wilde, Bill Penney, Mavis and Russell Combe, Linda and Wayne Kelly, and Hazel Shackleton.


Sally and Lionel – Sally volunteered to take over as club photographer and photo editor has done a magnificent job, check out her work on this website – and of course Lionel keeps us all entertained with his Gordie Howe sweater and smart remarks but is always there to help if needed.


Jim Bacon – our Santa Claus and for a long time now one of our sergeant at arms help us directing traffic at the front door every meeting and last but certainly not least Helen Horsman who also from Day 1 has helped out anywhere we needed.  We thank each and every one of you as well as anyone who I neglected to mention that volunteers from the bottom of Pat’s and my heart – without you we just would not exist.


We also want to acknowledge John Alden who also has been with us since the start – volunteered to put together our Loonies & Toonies  website that he keeps current for us and since that time we have had over 16,000 hits – it is a wealth of information not only for club info but for snowbirds info including a link to the 8840 form we must fill out if we spend more than 120 days a year in the US, was our club photographer for many years and organizes our weekly pickleball program 



Pat Irving has asked to retire from her position of secretary treasurer for the past few years – it is a lot of work keeping our database, acting as treasurer watching our money closely – if you spend money on the club’s behalf you have got to have a receipt, printing name badges each month for new members or replacing ones that got lost, taking and making phone calls, organizing the registration desks each month [she told me that with all of the speakers we have had over the years she has only heard about 3 of them because of being busy behind the scenes counting out money and preparing the 50/50 envelopes while they were talking] and most of all trying to keep Dave in order, only to be talked out of it until now.  This year is her last in that position we are going to miss working with her very much. In appreciation for all of the hard work Pat and her sidekick Brian have done these past 8 years we presented them with a plaque which says “ In sincere appreciation for co-founding and volunteering for 8 years” and a gift certificate as a token of our appreciation and thanks for all you have done. 

We then elected a new executive for the 2018 – 2019 season:


Dave Horsman returns for his 9th year as President


Lionel Mantha was elected as Vice President

Hazel Shackleton was elected as Registrar - Treasurer
Our 50/50 winners were:
Bob Ford , Bedford, Nova Scotia - $ 75 - donated back to the club
Louise Lankoff, Orangeville, Ontario - $ 50
Anonymous  - $ 20 - donated back to the club "


Background music "The Villages Shovelin' Sunshine Song". Written by Ted Merthe, Mark Merthe & Shawna Harrington.  To see the video click HERE    Photos by Sally Hinds.

April ----------------

Annual Bunko Tournament Night

Our Annual Bunko Tournament has come and gone.  Special thanks to Herman and Heather Janssen for once again hosting and organizing our annual BUNKO tournament and social - we had 84 players out this year vying for valuable prizes with Canadian themes - 50/50 winners were Mike McBride from London, Ontario and Flo Stewart from Erin Ontario.

Golf Tournament Results
Here is a list of our 8th Annual Tournament prize winners.  For pictures of all the participants and winners please click HERE.

RBC Tournament Golf Bag Winners - Nancy Chow and Alan Rae
50/50 Winners - Richard Ives, Mavis Combe, Pat Irving, Denise Roach, Tom Fleming & Brian Shackleton
Most Honest Golfers Award - Gerry and Gloria Liboiron, & Richard and Pixie Wilder
Closest to the Pin - Bob Chartrand, Judy Rivenbark, Mike Freshwater and Diane Bray
Longest Putt - Barry Bates, Julie Marleau, Chuck Harris and Muriel Salyzyn
Closest to the Line - Rob Kengis & Marion Swan
Best Costume - Derrick Reilly and Joan Creedy
Best Team Name - Multiple Foregasms - Ken and Gwen Pozzolo and Mike and Sue Freshwater
Draw Prizes - Mike Marcy, Teri Sherman, Doris Jalbert, Judy Kidd and Susan MacLean
Lowest Gross Score - Mavis Combe, Russel Combe, Bill Penney, Paula Wilde
Tournament Champions - Ray and Laura Bowen & Linda and Wayne Kelly.

Background music "The Villages Shovelin' Sunshine Song". Written by Ted Merthe, Mark Merthe & Shawna Harrington.  To see the video click HERE   
Photos by Sally Hinds.



March ---------------

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Next Meeting is BUNKO night
March 14 - Click HERE for Details.

March 5, 2018 - we held our 8th annual Canadian Loonies and Toonies Golf Tournament with 140 participants at Eagle Ridge in fabulous weather and then on March 8 our 3rd annual Night Golf Event with over 60 participants on a rather cool evening.



Here's what you missed at the last meeting

We celebrated Valentines Day in style on February 14 with over 250 people attending and bring all sorts of goodies [much it went to the Wildwood Food Pantry the next day] - we encouraged folks to sit in areas of the room divided by Canadian geography and it seemed to be a hit as many people made new friends from their part of our Canada.

We had Joe Allen in to pinch hit for us as Brian Carl and Company had to cancel last minute due to Brian coming down with the flu and not being able to sing.  Joe did a fantastic job on very little notice.

Our Happy 50/50 winners were:
Dorothy White, Thunder Bay, ON
Moe Poirier, Summerstown, ON - attended as Alley Oop
Gen Coolen, Stittsville, ON
Wayne Kelly, Kingston, ON.
each taking home $75.

The winner of the Moncton Bankroll of $46.00 in $1.00 bills was Larry Balderson, Komoko, ON.

You can check out all your pictures taken at the 'love in' at the Loonies Valentine party HERE.

And don't miss our next meeting which is our annual BUNKO tournament on March 14 - come on out and have some fun in this fast paced very easy to learn social active game


Febuary's Front Page:

Next Meeting is Valentines Day
Feb 14 - Hacienda - 6:30 sharp

Featuring popular Villages performer  Bryan Balyeat
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Here's what you missed at the last meeting

This past Wednesday, January 10, 2018 we had one of the most informative evenings in our club history with our special guest speaker - Dr. Thomas Deans speaking to us and answering our questions about a subject most of us do not want to deal with - our succession - Dr. Deans has authored two NY Times Best Sellers - The first dealing with selling a family business and his latest Book - Willing Wisdom - "7 Questions Successful Families Ask”

Dr. Deans usually commands a fairly healthy speaking fee but because he likes coming to The Villages each year to play golf with a couple of his buddies [Rob Lewis and Dave Horsman] he was cajoled into doing this for us pro bono [we did give him some small purple Village gifts and made a donation to his favourite charity - Sleeping Children around the World as tokens of our appreciation ] - he did play some golf and shot a 75 with an Eagle on Laurel Valley # 7 while he was here.

We had approximately 250 attendees and many new members and guests and going against our usual procedures we had a lot of questions that came from the floor. TD Bank graciously purchased 200 of Dr. Deans latest book and distributed them among our attendees with many people stopping to get Dr. Deans to sign them - many thanks to them for this sponsorship.

Our 50/500 winners on the evening were:
Paul Goulard from Sturgeon Falls ON, Emil Petko from Wasaga Beach ON and Rodena Hatnean from Lakeshore ON, all won $75.00 while her husband JP Hatnean won the $70.00 in $1.00 bills during our inaugural Heads/Tails coin toss game beating out Gwen Pozzolo in the final.

The 10 winners of the Jim Nelford Golf Clinic lesson that will be held at Baseline Golf on January 23 were Ed Carroll, Tony Crawford, Dennis Daley, Robert Lewis, Rick Maguire, Mike McBride, Emil Petko, Cal Stotyn,  John Tomlinson & Paul Walther. They will join: Dave Horsman, Helen Horsman, Pat Irving, Brian Irving, Paul Rivenbark, Judy Rivenbark, Ray Bowen & Laura Bowen who were preselected as thanks for their hard work in volunteering to the club since its inception.

Background music "The Villages Shovelin' Sunshine Song". Written by Ted Merthe, Mark Merthe & Shawna Harrington.  To see the video click HERE


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Next Meeting Jan10 at La Hacienda - Doors Open 5:30

Our January 10th, 2018 meeting may prove to be the most informational meeting our club has ever scheduled. We invite you to attend a very special presentation by Dr. Thomas William Deans Ph.D., New York Times Best Selling author, who hails from Orangeville, Ontario.   Dr. Dean's presentation will center on his award winning book "Willing Wisdom - 7 Questions Successful Families Ask".

For all the details, click HERE
Our 7th Annual Christmas Party Report
We had 222 Canadian Folks come out to celebrate Christmas at our 7th annual Canadian Loonies and Toonies Christmas Party on Dec 13 at La Hacienda - food catered by Bob Evans in Brownwood was terrific and were able to get everyone served in about 20 minutes.

We had a few special guests - all the way from the Village of North Pole - Santa Claus and from Mallory Square  our own member of Clown Alley - Mr. Alley Oop - along with our musical guests Nina and Safia who were fantastic and closed their show at 9 pm with renditions of “The Prayer’ and ‘Time to say Goodbye” the popular Andrea Bocelli duet songs he did with Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman.

We had drawings for food baskets for those of you that preregistered and 8 people/couples walked away with nice baskets or restaurant vouchers as well as our winners of bottles wine for the best dressed lady and gentlemen of the evening - Ron Radwick from Chatham, Ontario and new member Beverley Booth from Belleville, Ontario.

All the winners of the pre registered and 50-50 draw winners
Click here to see all the party photos

Our 50/50 program raised $ 750 which allowed us to award 5 - $ 75 prizes to - Mike Vrebosch from Sudbury, Ont., J. P. Hatnean from Windsor Ont., Carolyn Walsh from Huntsville, Ont., Elenor Kyle, from Kenora, Ont. and our Moncton Bankroll made up of mostly one dollar bills to Heather Adams from Thornbury Ont.

We are of course are a most generous lot of people and we once again stepped up with over 150 toys which we gave this year to Camp Sozo for the unfortunate kids who live in Ocala National Forest, their pickup crew was indeed very grateful as well as a lot of food stuffs for the Wildwood Food Pantry and used clothing and household wares for Bargains and Blessings.

We wish you all a vey Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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