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 A big thank you to our sponsors for helping to make our 2022 Golf Tournament once again a fabulous event,

                                                     Our recent events

          The final meeting of the spring season - A grand Pizza Party - sorry you missed it
- then there was -
            Hockey Night in The Villages - the Leafs vs the Canadiens - history now!
                                  (Montreal Canadiens defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2 after being outshot 51-18.)
                                                                               - along with -
                                 Best season ever for the Canadian Ladies!
             Four years ago, friendships were formed from across CANADA. We are no longer acquaintances, we're all good friends!
                              Final spring season event was on April 11, at the Lake Sumter Landing Chop House.

                   Have a safe summer and we'll see you all next fall.