Dec 29th 2019      

    Loonies and Toonies web site is being redesigned.
Abreviated Information is being presented                      

                               Latest information and photos etc. may be found on the public facebook page Loonies Toonies. You can find/join this group by logging on to your facebook account and entering "Loonies Toonies" in the search bar at the top of the page (no and or &).

   Coming Events:
   Next Meeting - Feb 12 at El Hacienda Rec Centre
   Hockey Night in The Villages @ Gator's Dockside - Brownwood.
                        Feb 1 Sat, 7pm or a bit earlier if you like. Click for details
   Pickleball: Every Tuesday 2:00pm at Chula Vista courts - All welcome
                Tournament -  Feb 18 - Email John Alden for info
   Night Golf: Sat Mar 14 at Saddlebrook - $10 - Sign up Ray Bowen -
 Ladies Lunches at Demshars - Info and dates click
   Eagle Ridge Tournament: Monday March 9 -
 Reservations - Jacquie Ruigrock(our golf chair) at .




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