About the Club

CLUB HISTORY: In Jan. 2011, a few Canadian snowbirds decided to establish a club for Canadian seasonal residents of The Villages. The club is non profit operated by member volunteers.

CLUB OBJECTIVES: The Canadian Loonies & Toonies Club provides members the opportunity to meet other Canadians living in The Villages.  Monthly meetings feature speakers of interest to Canadians and live musical entertainment. Members are encouraged to organize activities, events and outings for the club to enjoy.

MEMBERSHIP FEE: We wanted our annual membership fee to be as inexpensive as possible and decided on $5 a year. Of course everyone attending must have a current Villages ID card.  There are some great entertainers we’d like to hire for some of our meetings that cost $200 to $300 for a night. To manage this we offer 50/50 draws at each of our meetings and ask your support by buying 50/50 draw tickets at meetings as this is our major fund raiser.

MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION:  You may obtain membership at any meeting at the registration desk which opens at 6pm. You will receive a membership badge will be available at the next meeting. However, remember that you must also have your Village ID card to gain access to La Hacienda.

WE MEET EVERY MONTH (6) between Nov. and April inclusive. Our meetings are held between 6:30 and 9:20 pm in the Carmen Miranda Room of La Hacienda Recreation Center on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

CLUB MEMBER BADGES: The cost of your badge is included in your annual $5 membership fee. Our badges’ have been designed to include member’s name and Canadian home town, in order to promote us meeting one another.




Please remember to wear your club badge to every meeting.