These suggestions pertain to IBM/Windows computers unless stated otherwise. If you have a problem viewing the Loonies and Toonies web site on your computer, let me know, maybe I can help.  Send me an email at or click here describing the problem.


Your display of the L&T web site is messed up.
1) Try holding down the Ctrl key while tapping the + or - key to make the text larger or smaller.  This works on just about any screen that you may choose to look at and can make things fit much better.

2) If the "SocialSearchBar_App" has been installed most websites that use frames will not display properly. Often this toolbar is inadvertently loaded by a Facebook user.

Email links don't work
If you click on an email address it should open your email client (like Outlook or Gmail etc).  If it doesn't it's probably because you are using Goggle's "Chrome" (including Version 24.0.1312.57 m)
With regard to the "mailto:" problem mentioned above running google chrome on Windows 10. If any of you W10ers are having this type of problem on any website the fix (on W10) is to find and click on "Settings" (right click the windows logo icon -bottom left corner), type in "default" then select "Choose a default app for each by protocol" and scroll down to and click on MAILTO. Change the MAILTO setting to 'Mail' as opposed to Chrome or Mozilla.

Similarly clicking on any external link (like the link to 'Like' us, i.e. face book)  will fail.  The fix - use another browser like Mozilla's firefox or MS' Internet Explorer.